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Richard Alekseev
Richard Alekseev

Clipboard Manager 2.3.13 _BEST_

Starting with versions 2.2.21, 2.3.13, 2.4.1, the AcknowledgeMode will be automatically set the MANUAL when async return types are detected.In addition, incoming messages with fatal exceptions will be negatively acknowledged individually, previously any prior unacknowledged message were also negatively acknowledged.

Clipboard Manager 2.3.13

The RabbitTransactionManager is an alternative to executing Rabbit operations within, and synchronized with, external transactions.This transaction manager is an implementation of the PlatformTransactionManager interface and should be used with a single Rabbit ConnectionFactory.

When using an external transaction manager (such as JDBC), rule-based rollback is now supported when you provide the container with a transaction attribute.It is also now more flexible when you use a transaction advice.See Conditional Rollback for more information.

When you use an external transaction manager (such as JDBC), rule-based rollback is now supported when you provide the container with a transaction attribute.It is also now more flexible when you use a transaction advice.

You can now configure message re-queue on transaction rollback to be consistent, regardless of whether or not a transaction manager is configured.See A note on Rollback of Received Messages for more information.

Start Node Manager on the remote machine. This action creates a file on your machine in the /wlserver_10.3/common/nodemanager/ directory (on UNIX). On Windows, this file is created in the \wlserver_10.3\common\nodemanager\ the directory.

To configure Oracle Identity Management, using either the Install and Configure option or the Configuration Wizard, when the WebLogic Node Manager utility is running from the same Middleware Home directory where Oracle Identity Management is installed, the StartScriptEnabled parameter in the file must be set to true. For example: StartScriptEnabled=true

The use case can be as simple as having opened the PDB in the past with a user ID that either is "in use" by the license manager on another PC, or has been dropped from the license manager users list. When you attempt to open the PDB from the Most Recently Used (MRU) list, VM will attempt to use the last known user ID from the MRU list. In case that ID does not have a password, VM will not bring up the login dialog at all, attempt to login, fail (due to not being able to get a license) and simply show the PDB with a red X on it. Closing the PDB and attempting to re-open it from the same session won't help, as the user ID for the PDB is kept in memory and reused during the reopen attempt. This has been fixed. In the above use scenario, the user can now close the PDB, and reopen it, at which time they will be prompted to log in.

The eclipse package explorer is showing all the folders which are in the project which includes _serena. _serena is the folder which is created by VM workspace manager to manage the workspace. This has been fixed. The _serena folder is no longer displayed.

E.g. in Trusty Tahr 12.04, running lxde window manager, I can triple click on a line of text in xterm, which highlights it and puts it in cut buffer 0. I can then run xcb -p 0which prints the line out on stdout.

If you want to retain support for PRIMARY and still be able to use the CLIPBOARD (this is cool since basically you get two clipboards instead of one), you can ignore selectToClipboard and set the translations resource instead:

If you wish, you can add more key bindings in a similar way, and you can also have more than two clipboards by using X Cut Buffers (they can be referenced as CUT_BUFFER0, CUT_BUFFER1, etc.). More on X Cut Buffers here.

I have otherwise useful Glipper clipboard manager running on 12.04.If I select xterm characters, they appear in a new Glipper's entry.If I select that entry (button) among that succession, the next paste will come from it and paste those characters into any application. 041b061a72


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