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Shop online our high-quality fine fabrics for dressmaking, tailoring, bridal, fashion and couture.



We produce and sell fabulous luxury Italian fabrics for dressmaking and fashion: 100% pure silk and stretch silk fabrics, wool fabrics, cotton fabrics, linen fabrics and microfiber fabrics.In our online fabric store you will find more than 700 plain colours fabrics, in continuous stock. In order to choose the most suitable color and fabric for your project, you can order our free Sample Sets.

Browse our extensive textile catalog and shop online our high-quality fine fabrics for dressmaking, tailoring, bridal, fashion and couture, updated seasonally.

Triangle Home Fashions LLC is looking for a part-time Textile QA Engineer in our East Brunswick, NJ office. In this position, the candidate will participate in product design and development through whole life cycle, and work with a variety of materials including man-made and natural textiles, leather and fur. Be responsible for developing fabrics for home textile products including outdoor fabric treated with UV and water proof.

To the question what makes an outfit great the answer is entirely good quality fabrics. Sure, style matters, and so do a few other fashion factors, but if the fabrics are not great, no hat style tricks can save your wannabe fashionable ass. Truth is great clothes begin with great quality fabrics!

So pretentious yet so very sexy and elegant. Everyone these days is about nudes and creamy tones of whites and light greys and pinks and taupe that when you chose to buy silk you either go for the classic black or red OR you decide to buy silk in all the nudes so you can have sophisticated clothes that resemble luxurious and glam nightgowns, and fluid pyjamas, and red-caret dresses a la Old Hollywood. I am hooked on silk fabrics. The only downside to them is how flawless you need to be cause they really are unforgiving to the least amount of un-perfect skin.

The constant speed and demand mean increased stress on other environmental areas such as land clearing, biodiversity, and soil quality. The processing of leather also impacts the environment, with 300kg of chemicals added to every 900kg of animal hides tanned.

Choose Well is the second step, and choosing a high-quality garment made of eco-friendly fabric is essential here. There are pros and cons to all fibre types, as seen in our ultimate guide to clothing materials, but there is a helpful chart at the end to refer to when purchasing. Choosing well could also mean committing to shopping your closet first, only shopping second hand, or supporting more sustainable brands like those below.

Whimsy + Row is an eco-conscious lifestyle brand born out of a love for quality goods and sustainable practices. Since 2014, its mission has been to provide ease and elegance for the modern woman. Whimsy + Row utilises deadstock fabric, and by limiting each garment to short runs, the brand also reduces packaging waste and takes care of precious water resources.

I am so grateful to have found this store! I had some questions about the fabric I found that I was thinking of using for a dance company costume. The person that helped me was so patient and helpful and seemed genuinely happy to help which is rare these days! Not only that but the fabrics they have are STUNNING! We ended up going with the Luna which is absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see these costumes when they are all done! This is for sure our new go to fabric boutique for costumes! Highly recommend!

Fashion Fabric is a Los Angeles based company established January of 2014. We are a family ran textile company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Fashion Fabrics is growing each year with added new and improved items to our collection as times goes on. We are here to serve you the best and most stylish fabric in the industry at the highest quality possible. Fashion Fabric offers affordable prices for all and an easy way to browse our products online. Any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, as one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you with your fabric needs.

Shoppers carefully spent their precious clothing coupons and money on new clothes to make sure their purchases would be suitable across spring, summer and autumn and winter. Despite the restrictions, the war and civilian austerity did not put an end to creative design, commercial opportunism or fashionable trends on the British home front.

In 1942, the first 'Utility' clothes went on sale on the British high street as part of a government scheme. These clothes were made from a limited range of quality controlled fabrics. The Utility scheme developed out of a need to make production of civilian clothing in British factories more efficient and to provide price-regulated better quality clothing. Until Utility clothing was introduced, the less well-off had to use the same number of coupons for cheaper garments that might wear out in half the time. Utility fabrics - and clothes made from these materials - gave the public a guarantee of quality and value for their money and coupons.

Utility clothing came in a limited range of garments, styles and fabrics. In 1942 and 1943, the Board of Trade introduced the Making-up of Civilian Clothing (Restrictions) Orders to make further savings of labour and materials and minimise manufacturing costs. These orders, often known as the 'austerity regulations', applied to the production of both Utility and non-Utility clothing.

The best-dressed were those leaving the military services. Demobilised men were issued with a full set of clothes, known as the 'demob suit'. Reactions varied - although there was some degree of choice, and quality could be very good, many simply felt that they had swapped one uniform for another. Women leaving the military services were given an allocation of coupons rather than a new outfit. The coupons gave women more freedom to choose what clothes they wanted, but they were still limited by what was available in the shops.

However, I and many women I have known and have connected with that are part of the Wardrobe Oxygen community share that with growth comes knowledge. We know what silhouettes make us feel confident, what sorts of laundry instructions we're willing to follow and which are too much time or trouble, what fabrics work for our position at work or our weekend hobbies, and how we're looking for clothes and accessories that will last longer than a season.

The retailers I share below focus on clothes for women that are more polished, whether they are casual or corporate, higher quality and styles that are on-trend without being so trendy they will look passe in a year.

Banana Republic has been pivoting offering wide range of breezy summer separates like shorts at a comfortable length, t-shirts in gorgeous colors and prints that are opaque and not too fitted, and beautiful below the knee length sundresses styled so you can wear your favorite bra. Their denim is cut well and they now have a great line of high-quality activewear that is worth checking out. I love that while they have plenty of neutrals I can always find great pieces in jewel tones, bright pastels, and primary shades.

Quirky prints, interesting details, and great quality makes Boden a place you should check out. The thing is, Boden's quirkiness is sophisticated and looks better on grown-up women than those right out of college.

Garnet Hill is a place I have shopped from for decades. While I first found them when searching for the perfect bed linens, they are now a place I can trust for high-quality stylish yet not trendy fashion. Garnet Hill is not cheap, but its buyers are extremely picky and provide high quality and a very clean aesthetic.

But the quality is excellent, and the customer reviews on the website help you narrow down purchases. I have J.Jill pieces that are years old and still look fantastic. I find their linen to be of great quality and love their knit tops. Here is a link to all my posts where I wear and review J.Jill.

Johnny Was offers luxe boho fashion that is right on trend, made from fab fabrics, and makes a statement without looking like the garment is wearing you. These are elegant, luxe, and not cheap pieces that you will enjoy wearing for years.

The modeling of fashion on their website offers little in understanding the true quality, fit, and drape of their clothing; I find following their Instagram (and those who tag Lands' End on Instagram) to be a great resource when shopping this retailer as it offers photos of people out and about of all ages and shapes in their fashion. Here is a link to all my posts where I wear and review Lands' End fashion.

Providing remote styling and fit advice, many pieces that are easy-care and machine washable, the brand looks to take the work out of getting dressed each day. The quality is stellar, much of the pieces have stretch for comfort and moveability, and they suggest which pieces are best for petite or tall bodies.

This is not your mom's Soft Surroundings. If you think of this brand as quirky tunics and gauze mazi skirts, you haven't visited this retailer in a while. Luxe fabrics, wardrobe staples, and unique yet very wearable pieces make Soft Surroundings a great shopping destination for women over 40 who desire chic yet comfy attire for home, weekend, and the workplace.

Universal Standard excels in elevated wardrobe staples: some of the highest quality t-shirts, great-fitting jeans, dresses for work and for weekend, blazers, pants, outerwear, and loungewear. 041b061a72


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