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Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate Serial Number Free

In addition, after installing the 17.5 patch, it adds SmartSound Sonicfire Pro Plug-in (value 29.95 $) plus 10 Smartsound music titles. Registered users can get a free serial number by clicking the button in the installation window or use this link to download .

pinnacle studio 17 ultimate serial number free

Defendants cite Freeman v. NBC, 80 F.3d 78 (2d Cir.1996). In Freeman, the Second Circuit reversed the district court's finding that a television news writer/editor, a producer, and a field producer were not artistic professionals. The news writer/editor, Freeman, worked for the NBC Nightly News, writing approximately one-third of each broadcast. The court emphasized that "[t]he news writer positions on NBC's Nightly News are among the most highly coveted jobs in broadcast journalism, the pinnacle of the profession." Each day, Freeman received a "blueprint" of the day's newscast, including the subject of each piece and the anticipated format, length, and position in the broadcast. From this blueprint, "Freeman generally developed the scripts without further guidance from other staff members in working to `create something of a synergy on the words and pictures to tell the story.'" Freeman, 80 F.3d at 81. The producer, Brown, worked for NBC Weekend Nightly News. His major responsibilities included "the generation of domestic story ideas for the program; the development, oversight, and approval of domestic stories put together in the field by correspondents and field producers; and the coordination and editing of these stories." Id. at 81. The field producer, Garner, worked for the news division of WNBC-TV, NBC's flagship station in New York City. As a field producer, "Garner exercised editorial control over the news stories he produced; he researched facts, developed story elements, interviewed subjects, wrote the script, and supervised the editing of the videotape." Id. "At the studio, Garner created segments suitable for airing on WNBC's local news program." Id.

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