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Richard Alekseev
Richard Alekseev

X-Plane 11 Free Download V11.41

This is a conversion from v9.60 to v11.41 of the Ilyushin IL-14 made by Andrey Kozyaruk (Felis, and Alexaner Babichev (Asso).This plane has a fully functional 3D cockpit, interiors, static elements, working doors and complex avionics.It comes with 7 additional liveries and the paintkit.The original plane has been released as freeware to the public domain.Here follows the text of the original license file that comes with the plane where there is no restriction to update the plane to the latest release of X-Plane:

X-Plane 11 Free Download v11.41

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Issue: I have tried to install your products for months on end. I have been given error after error after error. I have 500 GB free on the library location, on the download location and my x-plane 11 folder. I install a fresh version of x-plane 11, I run your installer and I wake up the next morning after downloading all of the files... Great I can play my flight simulator!!!! CTD!!!! CTD!!!! CTD!!!!1 COULD NOT LOCATE THIS FILE!!!!1 COULD NOT LOCATE THAT FILE!!!!! Repeat this process 16 times on 16 nights and you start to feel how livid I am at your products and their unbelievably deplorable state... The amount of MONEY I SPENT on these products to receive this type of experience is disgusting frankly!

Also please read this link and confirm you have met ALL the requirements especially of disk space on the drive you are downloading onto and , if a separate drive, the drive you are installing onto. I know you say you have 500GB free on the drive with your Library, but where are your download files going prior to the installation process. 041b061a72


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